"Until we dance and sing together 

I am with you.  I hope to see you soon." 

~Ms. Beth


Beth Campbell, Director

Thank you, for visiting GLEE®.  I'm  Beth Campbell the director of GLEE® (my students call me Ms. Beth).  I have over 40 years of dance education, wellness and business development experience.  I've​ shared my lifelong passion for dance with thousands of students.  I've developed dance and music therapy programs for students with special needs, I've coached high school dance teams, I've taught dance and wellness in public and private schools, I've owned a dance academy that earned numerous national awards and now I'm thrilled to present GLEE® an online educational platform where dancing, singing and joy create a perfect learning environment for skill building, confidence and well being to flourish.  Some students dance for fun and some dance to obtain a dream.  Regardless, of why they dance the things students learn in dance class will make a positive impact on their life forever i.e. confidence, showmanship, organization, timing, showing up when expected, spacial awareness, practice makes perfect, wellness/health/safety/flexibility, sense of accomplishment, learning that when you fall down you get back up and never forget to smile! 


Membership and Accreditation:

DEA (Dance Educators of America)

ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association)

CPT (American College of Sports Medicine)

Shape (Society of health and physical education)

What People Say About Ms. Beth

"Beth Campbell is an amazing dance teacher!  She helps dancers grow not only as dancers, but also as individuals.  I could not recommend a better dance teacher!" 

~Breanna M., Former Student 

(now a mom &  elementary teacher)

"The time our children spent in GLEE class with Ms. Beth might have been their most important time."

~ Minnesota Autism Center

“Beth is very creative. She thinks outside the box to help 

students excel.  I would highly recommend Beth Campbell she provides an environment that enlightens, empowers and encourages." 

~ Andrea M.​, Parent


Research indicates that music and dance are unique in their ability to affect more than a single brain hemisphere, 

creating a bridge to both the right and left sides of the brain. It benefits all students by increasing self-expression,

language development, cognitive abilities, motor skill development and agility.