The GLEE® Advantage

Professionally Developed and Student Approved

Our founder Beth Campbell has over 40 years of business development, wellness and dance education experience.  Beth developed GLEE plus, she is the Chief Innovator and Founder of Campbell Companies a MN corporation which is the parent company of GLEE.  Beth has been a pioneer in the wellness field and she's had a lifelong passion for dance education.  

Membership and Accreditation:

DEA (Dance Educators of America)

ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association)

CPT (American College of Sports Medicine)

Shape (Society of health and physical education)

GLEE (Global Learning Educational Entertainment)

Positive Outcomes

GLEE® Builds Confidence for All Children

With over 40 years of dance education experience we have many students who have stayed in touch.  We've developed an outstanding educational curriculum.  We can proudly say that some of our former students are enjoying a career in the professional dance field.  But most students don't participate because they want to be professional dancers.  Most students participate because dancing and singing is a fun, healthy, positive extra curricular activity.  Regardless, of where life has taken our students the one thing we hear over and over is how dance and music has helped them become who they are today. 

Inclusive Curriculum

GLEE® can be adapted for Special Needs Children

A director of an Autism Center told us the time the children spent with us might be their most important time.  

"Witnessing the joy of a non-verbal child speak their first words after singing them first at GLEE® is nothing short of spectacular!  ~Beth Campbell, GLEE® Founder


Research indicates that music and dance are unique in their ability to affect more than a single brain hemisphere, 

creating a bridge to both the right and left sides of the brain. It benefits all students by increasing self-expression,

language development, cognitive abilities, motor skill development and agility.