GLEE® is a children's dance, music and wellness program

Our classes are conveniently provided where children are already at i.e. childcare centers, after school programs, etc.

We offer classes for preschool-elementary school age children

GLEE® Minnesota Class Registration Form

We understand physical activity could result in injury. We agree to hold the GLEE Program, GLEE teachers and their parent company Campbell Companies a MN corporation harmless.*
We hereby grant the GLEE program and their parent company Campbell Companies a MN corporation use of photographs or videos that my include my child in a GLEE class or performance.*
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GLEE® Policies

  • GLEE offers classes year round.   
  • The Registration Fee is a one-time fee if you dance year round with GLEE.  However, if you stop participating for a time period and start again you'll need to re-register.
  • Monthly Tuition is $50.00/month and it's due on the 1st of each month.  
  • Classes meet once a week we provide (48) classes annually (4) classes per month.  Note: some months have (3) classes & other months have  (5), but it averages to (4).
  • We dance, sing and  utilize ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and musical theater elements.  Plus, we sprinkle every class with safety, wellness and kindness messages.
  • Dance attire: Leotards, tights, leggings & dance skirts are all great for girls.  Jazz pants, stretch athletic pants or shorts with a shirt that is stretchable is great for boys.
  • Dance shoes Pre-K:  Soft sole ballet slippers (pink for girls & black for boys).
  • Dance shoes Elementary:  Soft sole ballet slippers (pink for girls & black for boys) and Tan buckle tap shoes for girls & black oxford tap shoes for boys. 
  • All children will the have the opportunity to show their parents what they've been learning at a performance for parents during a regular class time in Dec. and May.
  • For classes that have been running continuously all year there is an option to participate in a staged and costumed recital at the end of the school year.
  • Class size is limited and your child's spot in class is reserved for them if they're there or not.  Consequently, If your child misses class we can't offer a refund.
  • If our teacher can't make it to a class due to illness or personal circumstance and we don't have a substitute teacher available a refund will be applied to your account.
  • If it's necessary to cancel a class due to circumstances beyond anyone's control i.e. blizzard, tornado, safety concern, etc. there will be no refund for the missed class.
  • You can stop participating in GLEE at anytime there is no contract.  Just let us know (1) week prior to the 1st of the next billing month.

Utilizing dancing, singing, wiggling and giggling the GLEE® mission is to have a 

whole lot of fun while building children's confidence, self-esteem, skills and well being.

Welcome to GLEE!


Beth Campbell, Director

[email protected]